How To Establish Your Brands Reputation

There are hundreds of ways to help you build your reputation and make you a brand that everyone will love. Some rely on constantly producing great products however, we will leave it out to you to ensure that your product and services remain at its tiptop quality but as for other factors that will affect your brand’s reputation, you may use these widely-known but really helpful tips to help you establish a positive one.

The Friendship Effect

The saying “tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are” apparently also applies to companies. And while most companies’ aim to have the entire market to be their consumers, some ventures work better with a targeted view. Thus, the behaviour of the people involved in your product directly affects your reputation as a whole. However, this is not limited to your market consumers but to other companies or entities, you will or have associated with. Collaborating with the right people will, of course, bring better outlook to your brand so you have to ensure that your mission and vision statement is clear to your team so they become effective representatives of your company.

Monitor your Presence

It does not hurt to also check what the public has to say about you once in a while. There are several tools you can make use to monitor your online presence. This does not only help you analyse how to approach marketing through the eyes of the public but it will also help you make sure that no trolls, ill-wishers, or inaccurate reviews/complaints tarnish your reputation without you having the opportunity to defend yourself. Regardless, negative comments will always be a part of your business operations so you need to establish reputation risk management teams to mitigate these to controllable levels.

Public Research and Development

You should also try to proactively check what the public has to say or suggest with regards to your product. Feedback should not always be taken negatively but rather as a chance to see improvements. Make it known to your consumers that you are a company that will willingly take into criticism because you want them to have the best experience and worth of their effort and money. Do this carefully however, don't set expectations too high which could cause future problems for your brand. If you are in a popular city such as Melbourne then you should be looking at reputational risk management services which can help you make the right decisions for your brand and help monitor your reputation, click here to find out more about brand risk management and reputation.


Transparency can be very daunting but the public values this certain trait with such high regard. Especially after high-level crisis affecting brands have surfaced due to the company not being transparent with their processes. Plus, in this day and age where information can be quickly and easily disseminated to anyone in the world, companies have zero excuses to not be transparent with their business operations. And while companies are only required by law to be transparent to a certain extent, specifically ones that are not listed in any securities exchange system, there are still parts of their business operations that companies should always strive to share to the public such as workplace efforts or ethical sourcing of products.

Meet Expectations

You can't always expect to know your stakeholders like the back of your hand, you may know what they are currently expecting from you however you might not understand their values and what they expect from you down the line. Using an external corporate affairs strategy can help you keep on top of your brands reputation and achieve a healthy relationship and manage the reputation of your corporate business. Expectations such as good customer service experience or regularly improving quality are some substantial ones that you can promise them that will help your reputation as a company remain positive in their eyes.