What To Keep In Mind Before Designing Your Garden

It is a known fact that gardens make our lives better. They do not only increase the property's aesthetic value but they also improve the air quality, invite us to the outdoors which is a much needed break from a world governed by screens. Gardens give us visually relaxed mood from the natural earth tones and shelter us from the wind and hot sun. However, before your garden gets to the aesthetically peaceful haven, there is a lot of work that goes into the process but with the following tips, you should well be on your way.

Differentiate between Eastern and Western designs

Before you get a landscaping designer, ask yourself if you want the symmetry associated with the west or the irregular shapes and patterns based on the eastern traditions that accommodate rocks and gravel to more symbolise the natural world? The answer to this question will be key to making your designer know just what you are looking for in a garden.

Know the purpose of your garden

Some people want to grow some vegetables in their gardens so as to be sustainable when it comes to fruit and vegetables while others simply want to create a visually appealing space. Others want to have a garden so as to have an outdoor living space. This is something you will have to discuss with your garden designer.

Take advantage of your neighbourhood’s views

One mistake people make when designing their gardens is limiting themselves to their property lines. However, if your neighbour has a lovely tree that comes alive with colour in the different seasons, then you can incorporate that into your garden design rather than putting up a high wall. Another example is if you live in the countryside where you can spot some old style buildings or chapels, then the best thing to do is to have vegetation that allows for that lovely view therefore expanding your field of view.

Choose plants that will thrive in the climate you are in. 

When choosing the kinds of plants and flowers to have in your garden, go for the ones that thrive in your area. You may want a floral garden throughout the year and yet you live in an are with dangerously cold temperatures. It would be in your best interest to find a landscape designer such as Luma Landscapes from Melbourne who would be able to advise you on which plants are best suited for your garden in your area.

Don’t be afraid to be choosy with the plant dimensions

Your path or walkway can be wide or narrow but it should be noted that the wider the path is, the bigger the garden will feel and appear. Always have this thought in mind while shopping for plants that will go in your path and walkway.

Picture a tree in its prime as you choose it

A lot of times, people plant beautiful trees in their gardens but later have the branches hacked or sawed off because the tree grew too big for the space. The thing to keep in mind when it comes to trees is that you need to give it enough room. So planting it in the corner of your property is probably going to be the wrong move. Most landscape designers suggest planting it right in the middle of your garden or at the ¾ line so that it does not risk the chance of growing into your neighbour’s property but it also provides enough foliage for shaded outdoor living.